Cheap Content Might Be The Most Expensive Content You’ll Ever Get

Content matters

All small business owners need content: content for your blog, for your social media accounts, for guest posting, for SEO and for any marketing strategy you can think of.

The problem is good quality content takes time to create. It takes time to research and create any single piece of content.

That’s why outsourcing content creation is one of the most popular niches in freelancing. Most Webmasters and marketers know they can’t possibly create all the content on their own, so they outsource some or all the content creation.

Most small businesses are on a tight budget so they try to outsource content creation to the cheapest writer they can find. And that might be one of their biggest mistakes.

Here are the problems you’ll get when you use cheap content:

#1: Quality is just not there

QualityQuality content takes a long time to write. You can’t really expect to find a good writer that can spend hours on an article for $5 (think Fiverr, for example).

You kind of get what you pay for on content and freelancing in general. If you’re looking for quality, you don’t need to go to the most expensive providers, but you certainly won’t find it on the cheapest ones either.

#2: Lack of quality damages your brand

Brand Damage

Nothing screams more that your company is clueless like publishing low-quality content. With so many competitors sending good articles, blog posts and social media updates, if you’re the one sending repurposed content that can’t be shared, you’re the one losing the opportunity.

#3: Uniqueness


It’s virtually impossible for anyone to write consistently for 0.01 a word. So, a $5 article is many times a scrapped article that you can’t read, or sometimes is a clone.

If you’re publishing content that’s not even original, you don’t have any chance of getting search engine rankings or visitors. You’re not spending much, but you’re wasting your budget on quantity over quality.

Some of the low-priced content are even PLRs (Private Labeled Rights). PLR’s are low-quality articles that can be replicated thousands of times. So, they’re a complete waste of time and money on any marketing strategy.

#4: Unreliable freelancers


Not surprisingly, the cheapest freelancers tend to be the least reliable ones. So the lower you go the least professionals you’ll find.

#5: Risks


The lower your content marketing budget, and the lower you go, the higher the risks. Some writers from overseas go to the point of copying articles and change a few characters to make sure these cloned articles pass Copyscape. While there’s always risks when you outsource your content, the lower you go, the higher the risks.

To successfully implement a marketing strategy you need quantity and quality! But if you can only offer one of those, you need to stick to the quality.

It’s much better to publish one great article a week than to publish one low-quality article a day. And the same goes for guest posts or social media.

If you’re not getting the ROI you expected from your marketing efforts and your content marketing strategy, try to evaluate the quality of the content you’re publishing. See exactly what are your competitors doing, and you’ll quickly find out that there is no replacement for quality.