How to Get Thousands of Readers on Your Blog Quickly

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Most bloggers struggle to get the first readers and visitors. Sometimes it might look like that no matter what you do, how much you write or how much you try to get some visitors, nothing works.

The bad news is that it’s not that simple to get thousands of readers that look forward to reading your next post. It takes some time and hard work.

But the good news is that you can implement a couple of simple strategies to get there sooner than you were thinking.

Here’s a step by step strategy that can get you thousands of readers in less than a month:

#1: Quantity AND Quality

Quality ContentSome years ago you could get some exposure and traffic from Google by just writing and publishing many articles and posts. Most of them were not even decent content anyone would be interested in reading.

Those days are over. Today quality matters! You need to write engaging content that brings something new to your industry or niche. You need to give a different approach to the most popular topics on your niche, without repeating what everyone else is saying.

You need to write the kind of content that your readers will love to read, and will love to share. And that’s the kind of content that can get you an exponential growth,

But you also need quantity. If you’re posting 1 article a month, you won’t get thousands of visitors a day. We’re living with a  constant information overload, if you’re just posting 1 article a month while your competitors are posting 1 a day, no one will see you.

The only option you have in terms of content is to go with quantity AND quality.

#2: Social Sharing

Social Sharing

If you haven’t done so, you need to create social media accounts for your blog. Start with at least Facebook and Twitter and get some followers.

These social accounts can be crucial in getting your first visitors. You’ll then start sharing all your posts on Twitter and Facebook, and if you’re doing a good job on the content part, you’ll start getting your first visitors and shares.

#3: Guest Posting

guest posting

Guest posting is one of the best opportunities to get a quick boost in readers. When you start a new blog, you have no audience, so when you publish a new article no one sees you.

But when you write for a reputable blog in your industry, you’re taking advantage of an audience that’s interested in reading your content right now. A good guest post can send you hundreds or even thousands of new visitors to your website.

#4: Connect With Other Bloggers

Connect With others

This one is also crucial. You need to connect with other bloggers that will start sharing your content and link to your articles. Meet new bloggers on social networks, and also visit their blogs, read their content, and comment on their articles. This will allow you to meet some great people that you can team up with and grow together.