Change Your Business Forever With A Successful Product Launch

Product launches remain one of the most challenging and profitable marketing strategies.

Launching a product can instantly generate sales, earnings, and reputation, but thousands of business owners and marketers spend months working on their product or service, launch it to the market, and can’t advertise it or get the exposure they were looking for.

When you launch a new product successfully your website or company changes forever. You won’t even consider launching a new product or service in a different way. Our product launch workshop can help you launch your next product successfully.

What If You Knew Exactly What To Do, And How To Do It?

When you think about it, a product launch is a series of simple but important steps. You need to create buzz and get traffic before you even launch your product. That’s why you need to close JV with other marketers and get your audience interested in your upcoming product.

Once you understand the process and launch your first successful product, you can repeat the process over and over, and successfully launch any product or service. You can even leverage some of the partnerships and assets from your first launch into the next ones, so you create a completely new sales channel that can become your new favorite business model.

WebsiteSprout Product Launch Workshop is a proven, step-by-step guide that shows you exactly what you need to do and how you can launch your next product in precise detail.

With over 3 hours of video instructions, we’ll show you exactly what to do and how to do it.

You’ll Learn:

How to Set Up Your Sales Funnel
How to Create Your Sales Pages
How to Automate Autoresponders
How to Set Up Individual info products
How to Complete Joint Ventures
How to Contact and Recruit Affiliates
How to Host Your Digital Product
How to Create JV Sales Pages and JV Bonus Pages


This product launch workshop was an eye-opener. Now I understand why I failed in the past and how I can properly launch or relaunch my products.

Bruce F.

It’s really difficult for me to recruit affiliates and close partnerships. This course helped me a lot and I can now get traffic quickly, and I’m finally closing more JV.

Vivian Jackson