How to Start an Online Business Without any Money

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If you’re looking for ways to make some money online or even start an online business without any investment this article is written for you.

You might be looking for simple ways to supplement your job, or you might be looking for a full-time project that replaces your current or previous job and you’re looking for strategies that you can use without investing some of your money or taking risks.

Either way, just by starting with a limited budget or without any money doesn’t mean you don’t have any options. If you learn the right strategies and understand all the options you have online you can not only get the skills to work online but also make some extra cash while you’re still learning.

If you work on it, it can become an online business that can grow on its own and allow you to have the freedom of working anywhere you want and whenever you want.

Creating a new business from scratch is not just a way to make some money. It’s the opportunity you’ve been looking for to pursue your dreams and personal goals. It’s the opportunity that allowed millions of others to travel whenever they want and still making the money they need to support themselves and their families.

First of all, you need to have the right mindset since the first day. This is not easy or automatic! I always get surprised when I see people looking for getting rich quick schemes and people buying products that promise you to become rich without working… Working online and especially starting an online business is not easy. It takes hard work, work ethic, and commitment.

With hard work, determination, and dedication you have everything to start working online and build the right business that fits your schedule and personality.

If you currently have a job, you should keep it while you’re starting your online business. It’s really risky to give up on everything and drop your job for something you can’t even be sure how long it will take to work for you. You can start working online today and make money in the first week, but you can also struggle for weeks or months to find the way to get a reliable income. With that in mind, try to play it safe; so if you do have a job, start your online business on your spare time. Even if you start by working online just at nights or weekends, you can start learning and make some extra cash, and then when your business growths, you can finally drop your current job and live the life you want to.

Before you launch your business, you need to take some time to design or develop a business plan. Write down your ideas and include how you will make money, how you will get customers and which products or services you will sell. The more detailed the plan, the better. Make sure you research your competitors and see how they are getting customers and how much they charge for similar products or services. This research will help you focus on the right strategies, products, and services.


Get the right mindset


Get the right mindset to succeed online:

1 – Start by looking into the areas you’re passionate about. While it’s not absolutely required to work in a niche or industry you feel passionate about, it helps. Think about it for a minute: if you love writing, for example, it will be much easier to make a living out of it. If you have some skills like, for example, web design or programming, it will be relatively easier to monetize them online.

And even if you have no skills in those areas but feel passionate about for example programming, it will be easier to learn.

Write down your skills and your hobbies or passions. Let’s say you love gardening or a specific sport, it makes sense to look for opportunities in those industries.


Love your work


If you have no passions or interests, it’s still possible to make some money online. I truly believe we all have a passion or an interest, but we’re not always aware of it. You might love something or an industry and don’t see how to profit with it online, but it’s really important you take some time to look into your interests in order to later decide the strategies or businesses you would like to pursuit.

2 – Always be ready to reinvent yourself. When you start testing a specific strategy or industry that doesn’t mean you’ll stay at it forever. You need to be ready to reinvent yourself and test other industries and strategies. That’s why it’s really useful if you know in advance the industries that interest you the most.

3 – Another useful tip on how you can start your online business without any money is to have the right mindset about it and the ambition and commitment to succeed. You’ll need to start working hard since you can’t invest any money, but you need to be able to quickly shift gears and reinvest some of your earnings in order to turn an extra income into a real business. Make sure you keep revisiting your business plan regularly and update it. Once you start having some revenues invest on your business and grow it.


Invest in Growth


Please make sure you’re really investing that money and not simply spending it. Invest it in what’s already generating some results and earnings.

4 – Always remember this golden rule: understand what your customer really needs and what he really wants. Study your most successful competitors and see what you could do better than them.

To understand your customers you need to understand what are they going through and what their expectations and problems are.That’s why you need to understand the industry you’re working on even if you don’t feel that passionate about it.

Simple strategies to start your online business without any money:


Start your business


1 – Sell Something

Do you have any hobby where you make some product that you would love to sell? If you do, you can start making some quick cash by selling those products on Ebay or Etsy. As long as it’s something you feel passionate about and that you can build on your own, you can definitely monetize it online without investing any money. This is how plenty of moms get their first paycheck online, so if you have a hobby try to monetize it in one of these networks.

You can also sell things you no longer use. Ebay and Craigslist are 2 of the best websites to quickly turn those old products in real cash.

2 – Resell Something

If you’re not that good in building something or have no hobby, you can always resell products on those exact same networks.

If you can buy something locally cheap and sell it online for a decent margin that can become the business you’re looking for.

One of the most popular methods of reselling is to use drop shipping. To successfully implement a drop shipping business you need to find reliable suppliers that can fulfill your orders for you.

Most drop shipping companies are Asian companies so if you’re in Europe or in the USA it takes some time to find a reliable company that will fulfill the orders you get in your website, in Ebay or in Craigslist. But it’s still possible to do it if you work on it.

The beauty of the drop shipping business model is that you don’t have inventories. You don’t need to buy any product and then resell it. You simply start an auction on Ebay or sell a product on your website, and when someone buys the product you pass the order to the company that will fulfill the order for you.

Reliability is everything! The risk in this business model is that if the company doesn’t deliver the product the customer will hold you responsible for it. Keep that in mind and start slowly building the connection with drop shipping companies to avoid the risks you’ll have when you start handling more orders.

3 – Garage Sales

If you’re in the USA garage sales can become really important in your online business. If you can buy attractive products at a garage sale you can try to sell them quickly online for a nice profit. The best place to sell these products is once again on Ebay.


Selling at ebay


4 – Sell Your services

One practical way of start making some money online without any investment is by offering your services in your own website or in freelancer networks. Do you have a skill that you can offer? If you can build a website, for example, you might start selling a web design service and build websites for others.

Do you have any experience in marketing? If you do you might start working for companies that will pay you for your services or your advice.

What about programming? Do you know any programming language? If you do you might work for multiple companies that are currently trying to outsource some tasks to freelancers.

If you have no skills or services to offer, you can always learn them right now so that you can start selling services soon. Read blogs, forums, and ebooks and get the skills you need without spending any money.

When you have the skills to work as a freelancer you can head up to freelancer marketplaces like Fiverr or Upwork and instantly get customers. You don’t even need to have your own website or domain name to start working as a freelancer so it’s one of the best ways to start your online business without any investment.

Before you discard this strategy think if there’s something you could offer. Something of value that people would be interested in paying you for.

Take a look at Internet marketing forums and the freelance networks and see what people are looking for and what freelancers are selling there. This might give you some new ideas on the type of services you could offer.

But just by reading this article you already have the 2 necessary things to start working as a freelancer: you have a PC (or tablet) with an internet connection, and you know how to speak English. Just with an internet connection, anyone can start writing articles, blog content, and ebooks and guess what? That’s one of the most requested type of freelancers you can find.


writing services


Don’t give up and never think you have no skills. We’re all good at something. So find out what you’re good at or what you would like to be good at, get the skills you need and practice as much as possible, and start monetizing your services.

Once you start getting some customers on the freelancing websites you might consider launching your own website where you sell your services. Not only this will allow you to get more customers (some of them will find you at your own website so you won’t simply rely on a single freelance network). But another advantage of launching your own website is that you can establish a better relationship with your customers and get more repeated sales.

Here’s the difference between the freelancing networks and your own website: On the freelancing networks, you’re always competing with thousands of other freelancers that are trying to sell the exact or similar services. When a customer visits your own website, if you do a good job he will be back to you to order. Your website is what allows you to control your business in the long term without paying to the networks (that usually get a 30% cut of your money without doing much), so while you should start by working on networks, as soon as you can you should launch your own website.

5 – Sell Your Digital Products

Another good way of getting your first paycheck online is by start selling your own digital products online. The most popular digital products are ebooks, courses, video courses, and software. If you can make one of these products you have the opportunity to start your business quickly.

Anyone can write an ebook. So if you have a passion or some expertise in some niche, you might want to start writing your ebook and sell it. This is usually the first product new marketers create since anyone can do it easily.

If you want to go an extra step you can convert that exact content in a video course. Video courses are usually more expensive so if you’re offering the same content in a video format your chances of getting a good payout greatly increase.

Last but not least you can sell your own software. If you can build a nice plugin or software that might be a perfect product to start your business. If you have a great idea but can’t build it on your own, you can always outsource it. That usually costs you some money but will allow you to launch a product you couldn’t launch on your own.

You can even hire a freelancer for free. Offer him a percentage of the business and he might be interested in working with you and build you your software.


selling digital products


Last but not least, you can use PLR products. PLR products are digital products that you can sell as if you had created them. There are multiple different license types (example, Private Label Rights, Resale Rights, Giveaway rights, etc), and you need to make sure you read the product license and that you comply with the author instructions.

But on a private labeled rights product, you can usually edit it and sell it as your own product. With this you can start selling an ebook, a course or even a software in any niche you know of without writing a single paragraph, making a single video or writing a single line of code.

6 – Affiliate Marketing & CPA

With affiliate marketing, you can sell thousands of products online and get a percentage commission of any product you sell. This is one of the favorite strategies to make money online used by veteran marketers.

To start with affiliate marketing you can simply join affiliate networks like JVZOO or Clickbank. You’ll then access their marketplaces and you can start promoting thousands of different products.

You can create a website where you promote these products, or you can simply post videos on youtube or in free blogs and link to these products with your affiliate link. Every time someone buys a product through your affiliate link you’ll get a commission.

This commission can be as high as 75% of the sale in Clickbank or as much as 100% in JVZOO! So you can actually sell products that you have not created and still make at least 50% of each sale easily.

The best way to promote these products is by providing good content in youtube and in free blogs. Let’s say you’re trying to promote a weight loss product. You can create multiple useful articles on how to lose some weight, create some videos for youtube with useful tips, and link to the product using your affiliate link.

The smarter marketers create or buy their website, and send all this traffic straight to their landing page where they collect visitors emails. They will then use this email list to market these products.

To accomplish that strategy you will need to spend some money in the domain name, on the hosting and on the website in case you can’t or don’t want to build it on your own. But as you can see you can start taking advantage of affiliate marketing without even having a website. So if you’re trying to make it online without any money to invest, you can still try to build a business with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing can also be extraordinarily profitable if you become a vendor. By adding your product to one of these networks, you can recruit dozens or hundreds of affiliates that will promote your product for free (they only get paid when they make a sale). This is one of the most profitable businesses online so at least on the long term, I recommend you plan to launch your own product and recruit affiliates that will promote it for you.


affiliate marketing


CPA is closely related to affiliate marketing. On CPA (stands for Cost per action) you get paid when people perform an action (which is usually signing up for a newsletter or fill out a survey). Both business models are closely related, but while on the affiliate marketing you’re getting paid by product sold, on CPA you’re getting paid on each lead that takes a free offer.

7 – Blogging

Blogging is another good way to start building your online business and get some extra money even if you already have a full-time job.

You can start a blog for free in blogger or WordPress and write useful content for your niche that will attract visitors and customers. Once you have the budget for it, you should definitely buy a domain name and create your own website or hire a freelancer to do it.

By having your own website and domain name you’ll look more professional and you unlock the full potential to monetize your content (some free solutions don’t allow you to add advertising or affiliate products).

There are hundreds of ebooks and courses about blogging alone, so the scope of this strategy goes above this article, but a blog allows you to publish content easily and to get traffic to your website. You can monetize your blog simply with Google Adsense and get paid every time someone clicks one of your ads, or with affiliate products.

You can also sell your own products in your blog and that’s usually one of the most profitable strategies you can use.



8 – Surveys

Some companies pay you for filling surveys. This is not a way to replace a full-time job but you can make some extra money by filling a survey here and there. Genuine surveys companies don’t have many surveys that you can participate in, so your earnings are limited here.

The biggest problem with surveys is there are dozens of scams in this niche with some websites promising you impossible returns and then failing to deliver…

It is possible to make some money with surveys but you won’t be able to make more than $300-$500 with it. So, you can look for this kind of opportunities but never pay for getting surveys! It makes no sense to pay to get an opportunity in surveys. The only genuine companies I’ve worked on in surveys all allow people to sign up for free.

9 – Online Pay To click

Similar to the Surveys strategy, there are some websites that allow you to get paid by clicking some ads or surf some websites. And just like the surveys niche, you won’t be able to make much money with this kind of websites or to replace your full-time job with it.

You can easily find these websites by googling terms like “legit PTC” or “pay to click opportunities”, but make sure you check each website reviews before you waste any time with them. Also don’t pay to join one of these websites, the legit ones tend to be free. Who wants to pay for getting work? We all want to work to get paid, not the other way around.

10 – Online Job

Some companies do hire online, so if you go to monster, LinkedIn or google you might find companies that are hiring people remotely. Even on Craigslist, you see these opportunities once in awhile.

There’s usually some limitations. These companies tend to hire people in their country only, so if you’re in the USA you have that kind of opportunities, but there are not many similar opportunities in the rest of the world.

You can still (and should) look for them. Having a full or part time job online is amazing. You have the security of a job combined with the freedom of working whenever you want, so while these are rare opportunities, if you look for them and are a little lucky, you might just as well find the perfect opportunity.

11 – Data Entry Jobs


data entry jobs


Similar to the previous strategy, there are hundreds of genuine companies offering simple data entry jobs. The problem is that there are thousands of similar companies that are shady (or complete scams).

Most of the companies recommended are recommended by affiliates, and if anyone asks you to pay to get a job, you know there’s a great probability that you’re getting scammed… Make a complete due diligence and research on any company you see, and never pay for the opportunities. You’re trying to provide a service here and get paid for it, so keep this in mind all the time.

12 – Youtube


youtube channel


Another free way to make money online is to start your own Youtube channel. Thousands of people created their channels and made a fortune with them.

If your videos are good enough or if they can go viral, you can make money instantly with Google Adsense. Google pays you per clicks so if you get thousands of views per video that quickly adds on.

Most successful YouTubers get sponsors too, that pay them for advertising or for covering their products. And that’s usually more profitable than the advertising alone.

You don’t need to master all these 12 strategies to make a good living online. Actually, most people only use 1 or 2 of these strategies and that’s enough to build a solid online business.

You just need to find out which strategy you want to pursue and do it!

Give your best to keep a balanced life. It’s common to work too much when you’re starting a business, but you need to keep in mind that you need to balance your personal life with your professional life.

Give your best, commit to your plan but don’t work yourself to death.
Have some fun along the way, spend time with your friends and family and enjoy the journey.