“Are You Looking For High-Quality Content For Your Website, AT Affordable Prices, With 24 Hours Delivery?”  

All websites need great content to stand out. A couple of years ago you could publish just about anything and get good ranks in Google as well as you got targeted traffic almost immediately. Those were the good old days for content scrapers, spinners and all sorts of webmasters that could simply publish lots of articles quickly and get some traffic.

Quantity was more important than quality, but the game has changed for good…

Nowadays you need to publish great content. You need articles that have the quality to rank and that your visitors and readers will love. You need original and highly engaging articles and blog posts that will make your visitors come back for more. Quality is now much more important than the quantity.


And here’s the real problem


Good content takes time to write. You need to make some good research on the keyword you’re writing for, and then write a beautiful engaging article that your audience will want to read, to share and to come back for more.

And small business owners don’t have the time to consistently write this kind of content on their own and are usually on a tight budget where they can’t pay $20-$50 for each blog post.


Then there are some traps along the way


I’m sure you already outsourced some of your content in the past, and you probably got disappointed. While you have so many freelancing networks they all fail on the exact same thing: quality control!

You go to Fiverr for example, you order an article and you wait up to 7 days for it. And when you finally get it, you probably realize you can’t really use that kind of content anywhere. There are still a lot of  freelancers trying to sell you scrapped content that you can barely read, so each time you try to outsource your content writing, you end up by wasting your valuable time and money.

Time To Get What You Really Need… 

500 Words Articles / Blog Posts

You will get high-quality 500 words articles or blog posts in the niche / industry you want. Just let us know any requirements you might have and you can count with professional content delivered within 24 hours. No delays ever!

1,000 Words Articles / Blog Posts

Some people prefer longer articles and blog posts. If this is your case, this is the perfect service for you. Submit the original articles or posts in your own blog or submit them as guest posts to other websites. Get them in just 24 hours.

Hire A Blogger

If you’re looking for regular and high-quality content for your blog, we can now help you. Check out the different packages we have and choose the best option for you.


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